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The Platform Website is built on

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Admin Mobile App

We take the scary out of selling your digital products with centralized inventory, simple order management, and synchronized pricing. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.
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Advertise on Social Media

Run promotions with discount coupons and free shipping, recover abandoned carts, sell on Facebook and Instagram, and more.
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Email Campaigns

Customer data easily flows between Ezi-Cart and Mailchimp. So, if a customer updates their info in your store, that data is automatically passed to Mailchimp to keep your email list looking fresh and up-to-date.
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Sell Digital Products

There are a ton of existing marketplaces to sell your digital products on. But generally, they take a commission. This type of third-party marketplace might be the right choice for an e-commerce newcomer. But as you grow, you can concentrate on your own website, & take your loyal customers with you. Selling digital products on your website is roughly 30% more profitable than using another platform. But what about mixing sales channels to maximize profits? That’s also an option. The point is, you should own everything — your product, the sales channels you use, and your profits, all under your control.
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Sell on Social Media

Sell Simultaneously on Websites, Social Media, Marketplace , & in-person.
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Shipping & Payment Methods

Let anyone order from anywhere with 60+ payment options, like Square, Stripe, PayPal, and more. And help your customers get their purchases easier with tailored shipping, delivery, and pickup options.
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Store Designing

Have an existing website? Add ecommerce to your website in seconds with technology that instantly mimics your existing design. Just copy and paste a few lines of code, & you’re good to go.
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Unlimited Hosting & SSL

Rest assured that your online store is secure with Ezi-Cart advanced ecommerce hosting which is included with every ecommerce package, including our free plan.
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Your Own Shopping App

ShopApp® covers 96% of all mobile devices with full iOS and Android compatibility. Pretty snazzy.

Ezi-Cart Online Shopping Website

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Our Mission

We create products for life that combine ergonomics, genuine ease, and elegant simplicity.
Our mission is to create things that last. Short-time thinking is what the world has had enough of. We design products that can be used throughout the day and year, regardless of season or occasion. We prefer to focus on creating timeless designs that are beautiful, classy, and multifunctional. With that in mind, we organize our production facilities, stores, and workplaces.
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About Us

Our Services:
At Hakimi Technology Solutions, our whole and sole mission is to provide our customers a good increase in sales through our tech services and solutions. In this digital marketing epoch, having an online website for your businesses, organisation and services, is a must. In fact, a very crucial part of an organisation’s marketing campaign. Websites, Creative Logos and Informative Banners, play an important role to build a brand for your business. Again, Digital Marketing plays a significant role in showcasing your websites to your target customers. Our Digital experts, at H-tech solutions, will help analyse the market demand and target the right audience, to practically apply a design that focuses on details to reach your given goal. We Inspire, Inform and Engage consumers for your business.

Contact Us

H-tech solutions in India is a one stop shop for all your security systems, software solutions and your company branding and promotions. Contact us to know more and get the best deal.
Office No 727, 7th Floor Clover Hills Plaza, NIBM Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411048
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Daily 10:00 AM — 9:00 PM